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We sell inversion therapy equipment for back pain and similary aches. Our equipment is not intended for use in a gym, but is good quality and should remain solid for years of personal use. Please consider our inversion tables to resolve your back pain.  If a portable inversion table is not what you are looking for then you might consider taking a yoga holiday to help relieve muscle tension. 

Some of our customers find that in home massage therapy by a professional massage therapist really helps releive their back pain, and have purchase a massage table for use in their home.  With years of experience in the massage therapy industry, we highly recommend when it comes to finding the best massage table for your particular type of massage modality and budget.

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This California-based manufacturer is one of the nation's leading importers of products from Taiwan. By finding and meeting consumer needs in the low-cost area, this company has developed a reputation for efficient, low-cost products with great customer satisfaction. Often focusing on no-frills products, the LifeGear line has demonstrated a long-term popularity in todays market. They should continue to be dominant for many years to come.

by LifeGear (only $139.00)

The LifeGear manual treadmill uses a flywheel and familiar belt system. This treadmill has less moving parts than one with an electric motor. Its light weight and easy under-the-bed fold-up storage allows you to work out without having to dedicate a room to working out.

by LifeGear (only $400.00)

The same high-quality arm exercises found at a gym are now available in a price and size that will fit in your own home!