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We sell inversion therapy equipment for back pain and similary aches. Our equipment is not intended for use in a gym, but is good quality and should remain solid for years of personal use. Please consider our inversion tables to resolve your back pain.  If a portable inversion table is not what you are looking for then you might consider taking a yoga holiday to help relieve muscle tension. 

Some of our customers find that in home massage therapy by a professional massage therapist really helps releive their back pain, and have purchase a massage table for use in their home.  With years of experience in the massage therapy industry, we highly recommend when it comes to finding the best massage table for your particular type of massage modality and budget.

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Built on the genuine desire to offer higher quality than other importers, HealthMark has made a name for itself in constantly improving its quality and performance, while maintaining a great price.

by HealthMark (only $59.00)

Relax your way to a healthy back. Use natural traction to reverse the effects of spinal compression and pinched nerves, by simply relaxing or stretching on the Back Wave Generation II. Safely realign your back and relieve lower back pain.

by HealthMark (only $239.00)

Relax your way to a healthy back with the Body Arch Traction Bench by Health Mark. Relax with gentle to advanced back traction for optimum vertebrae decompression. Relieve vertebrae and disk compression, increase blood flow to the brain, relax the muscles of the shoulders, neck and lower back, improve posture and increase flexibility and range of motion.

by HealthMark (only $179.00)

The GravityTrack is the baby brother of our "pro intersion" table. The primary differences are the lighter capacity and lower price. The frame is just a stable and the backrest just as comfortable as more expensive tables.

by HealthMark (only $239.00)

One-of-a-kind inversion. Decompress and increase blood circulation in a more natural pose without the rigors of traditional inversion machines. The Health Mark Pro Inversion Chair is specially designed for inversion enthusiasts who need a gentler form of inversion that puts less stress on the joints

Pro Table by HealthMark

You need an inversion table that doesn't break the bank while it heals your back. The Health Mark inversion table is a simple, safe and popular table designed to fit a large range of patients, with all the safety features you would find in a more expensive model. It's all you need!