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We sell inversion therapy equipment for back pain and similary aches. Our equipment is not intended for use in a gym, but is good quality and should remain solid for years of personal use. Please consider our inversion tables to resolve your back pain.  If a portable inversion table is not what you are looking for then you might consider taking a yoga holiday to help relieve muscle tension. 

Some of our customers find that in home massage therapy by a professional massage therapist really helps releive their back pain, and have purchase a massage table for use in their home.  With years of experience in the massage therapy industry, we highly recommend when it comes to finding the best massage table for your particular type of massage modality and budget.

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Chattanooga Group

Chattanooga Group is the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of medical, physical rehabilitation and chiropractic equipment. For over 50 years, we have provided the medical community with an impressive line of quality merchandise, including such widely used and acclaimed products as the Hydrocollator Hotpac, the OptiFlex Continuous Passive Motion Device and the Vectra line of electrotherapy equipment.

by Chattanooga Group (only $32.36)

The Carpal Tunnel Stretch (CTS) is a unique device designed for stretching the tight tissue structures associated with carpal tunnel, and is recommeded by physicians, massage, physical and occupational therapists, and hand rehabilitation specialists. Device is lightweight and easy-to-use. Please specify RIGHT or LEFT hand device.

by Chattanooga Group (only $9.95)

The Eggserciser hand exerciser is useful for strengthening the hand, wrist, and helps reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms! This helps strengthen grip, increases dexterity, and improves mobility of the wrist. The Eggsercizer can be boiled or frozen for hot or cold therapy treatments to relieve discomfort.

by Chattanooga Group (only $26.96)

Introducing the Handisizer...the 3 in 1 therapeutic, rehabilitation and exercise device that is simple to use by massage professionals. This multi-purpose appliance performs numerous exercises which previously required several pieces of equipment.