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We sell inversion therapy equipment for back pain and similary aches. Our equipment is not intended for use in a gym, but is good quality and should remain solid for years of personal use. Please consider our inversion tables to resolve your back pain.  If a portable inversion table is not what you are looking for then you might consider taking a yoga holiday to help relieve muscle tension. 

Some of our customers find that in home massage therapy by a professional massage therapist really helps releive their back pain, and have purchase a massage table for use in their home.  With years of experience in the massage therapy industry, we highly recommend when it comes to finding the best massage table for your particular type of massage modality and budget.

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Standard Bill of Sale Agreement


For items that ship via freight truck, or for those orders shipping outside the 48 contiguous United States, or under certain other conditions, we will require that customers fill out a Standard Bill of Sale Agreement before we process their order. The purpose of this document is to simply to be extra sure that the recipient and the seller are in agreement about the terms of the sale as the items and/or shipment that fall under the scope of this document tend to be larger, more expensive, and/or more difficult to ship and return. Other purchases made from this store not covered by this bill of sale document are subject to the sales terms and policies listed in our standard policies elsewhere on this site. Please contact us with any questions.

Sample Bill of Sale Agreement follows, the individual agreement you receive may be different depending on the type of item purchased.


You recently purchased an item from our company. Thank you for your business! In order to send your item to you, we will need you to print, read, sign and fax back (or mail) this document, without modification. Our fax number is (337) 837-8071. Your signature indicates your approval of our sales policies and is binding. Again, thank you for your business and we look forward to doing business with you again soon! Please call us at (800) 290-3932 with any questions.

Purchase of Items

This web store, owned by LLFitness Inc, dba, herein and hereafter referred to as SELLER, of 3827 West Pinhook Road, Broussard, Louisiana 70518, in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, in consideration of $0.00 (dollar amount to be specified at time of sale), willfully paid by: Buyer's Name, herein and hereafter referred to as (BUYER) whose shipping address is: "BUYERS Shipping Address" and whose billing address is: "BUYERS Billing Address" and whose daytime phone number is: (123) 456-7890 ; does grant, sell, transfer and deliver to the buyer the following: * (1) Large Item (to be specified at time of sale) and other items whose purchase does not fall under the scope of the policies laid out in this document. Seller is the lawful owner of the goods and the goods are free from all encumbrances.

Terms of Sale

It is agreed that this is a SALE of said items in exchange for financial consideration stated above. The following sales terms apply, which is agreed to by both seller and buyer as signed below. All payments are due in full at time of delivery. Shipment of item(s) by SELLER shall constitute delivery, as shipping fees are paid by buyer and merely negotiated by seller acting as buyers agent.

Freight Deliveries

For all items delivered by Freight truck (large items): One of the freight carriers representatives will call the number you provided above so that the two of you can arrive at a mutually agreeable date and time for delivery. It is understood that this item is delivered by freight/semi truck, and is hence curb side delivery which means that the shippers responsibility ends once the truck has pulled up and parked in the street in front of delivery destination. The buyer of the item is responsible for taking the item off of the truck at the street/curb and bringing it to the final location (interior room, garage, apartment etc). This usually requires 3 - 4 able persons, (driver of truck is excluded and not required or expected to assist). If a lift gate is required to take the item off the truck, an extra $120.00 will be required by the freight company. As this is a large item with very high shipping charges, buyer agrees that this is a final sale, without the option of returning the item.

Signing for the item

We HIGHLY recommend the receiver of the shipment (usually the customer who purchased the item) write on the delivery ticket "Subject to Inspection" EVEN if the box or shipping container appears to be in perfect condition. THEN, you may sign for the item and release the driver. IF the item appears damaged upon delivery, before signing the delivery ticket, please read the next paragraph.

Damaged Items or Defects

Any item damaged during shipment will be repaired or replaced at LLFitness' option with the following condition: Any damage to item must be noted when delivered, with the word "Damaged" AND a description of type of damage both written on the delivery receipt and signed by recipient. If the actual item (not just the box) is damaged (subject to verification by manufacturer) customer may refuse shipment and can expect a replacement to be shipped out upon receipt of damaged item and processing of all necessary paperwork and claims to the shipping company are complete. Please call and notify us upon refusal so we may contact manufacturer. If the delivered item is not the item specified (subject to verification) in the auction or purchase, or if the item (not just the box) is not in new condition, seller will replace or repair the item (at our discretion) to NEW condition. If however after the item is returned and it is inspected and found to NOT be damaged, then customer will be refunded less original shipping fees, return shipping fees, and any restocking fee charged by the manufacturer or shipping warehouse.

Customer Verifies Personal Information

FOR ALL SHIPMENTS, DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL: If delivery is attempted and fails due to incorrect phone number, shipping address, refusal of delivery by customer, or shipping company being unable to reach customer at time of delivery, or for any reason other than item being damaged or trucking company being unable to deliver due to Force Majeure, then item will either be stored until delivery is possible or returned to point of origin. In the case of storage, fees (usually about $50 per day) will accrue and will be passed on to the customer in a separate invoice. In the case of return, seller will be charged by the manufacturer a return shipping fee and a restocking fee, which will be passed on to the buyer and will be deducted from the buyer/customer's refund. To restate: In case of a failed delivery attempt, item can be redelivered if the extra shipping and restocking is paid by the customer, or a refund can be issued to the customer for the sale price less return shipping and restocking fee which is charged by the freight company and manufacturers warehouse.


By signing below, buyer does agree to these terms of sale, does acknowledge that this is a SALE, does accept the goods, will remit monies stated above as consideration, and does acknowledge that this sale is entered into with willful intent. Buyer has read and does fully understand above terms, and has asked for and received clarification/explanation where necessary. Buyer: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________

Payment Information

If paying by credit card, please fill out the form below completely. If paying by PayPal, give your email address instead of card number, and omit the expiry date. Payment Type (circle): Visa Master Card American Express Discover PAY PAL Credit Card Number: __________________________________ Validation Code (On Visa, MC and Discover, these are the last 3 numbers on the back of the card in or near the signature line. On American Express, these are the four digits above and to the right of the embossed card number): ________ Expiration Date: ____________ Name on Card: ________________________________ Signature of Cardholder: _____________________________________ Date: ______________


By signing above, cardholder does willfully wish to have his/her order paid for by credit card for the balance plus shipping and any fees and deposits incurred and or required as a result of sale and shipping as outlined above.